How does crowdfunding work?

You have a very specific project that you want to carry out? A new music album, a book, a food-truck, a humanitarian mission... To fund it, you can launch your own crowdfunding campaign as a project creator.

What should I know before launching my campaign? 

  • Your funding goal: it should ideally correspond to the minimum amount of money you need to fund your project.
  • The campaign duration: This is the deadline you set to yourself for your campaign. It can be anywhere between 1 or 60 days.
  • The "All of Nothing" rule: this is one of the most important principles on KissKissBankBank. If your funding goal is not reached within the deadline you set (see campaign duration), your contributors will be paid back, you will not receive the fund, and no fees will be taken by KissKissBankBank. This is why it is critical to define your funding goal carefully.
  • Contributors: They are the people who financially support your project, by making a donation, with or without a reward.
  • Rewards: there are what project creators can offer their contributors, in exchange for their donations. They can take different forms: acknowledgments, special editions, pre-sales, unique experiences, etc.

Don't hesitate to explore our platform and discover projects that are currently running their crowdfunding campaigns!

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