What is a reward?

Rewards are offered by project creators to their contributors, in exchange for their donation. They symbolize the link that creators forge with each of their donors. Try to make them as original, personalized and related to the project as possible. Projects creators can be helped by their coach to choose appropriate rewards for their project, before launching the campaign. 

3 main types of rewards 

1. Symbolic rewards

A 'thank you' post on social media, the name of contributors on a company or restaurant wall, on a short movie credits or at the end of book...

2. Material rewards 

A DVD if you are a film-maker, a t-shirt if you are a fashion designer, vegetables if you are a market gardener... You may also offer a reward that was created specially for the crowdfunding campaign: a sticker, a tote-bag, or a mug with the project logo for instance.

3. Experiential rewards 

Inviting your contributors to an opening event, a rehearsal, a premiere, or a workshop...


Rewards delivery 

If a project successfully reaches its funding goals, the project creator commits to deliver rewards in a time period they announce on their campaign page. 

Here are some additional tips to find perfect rewards for your campaign (in French):

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