How can I register on KissKissBankBank?

👉🏼 Go on the registration page.

Then, choose if you wish to register with your Facebook account (this is the fastest way to register 😉) or with your email address.

Email registration

Type in the email address you want to use to register on KissKissBankBank.

Every account is unique! If you already have one, we will recognize it and will offer you to directly sign in to your existing account. If you forgot your password, please check How can I reset my password?

If you don't have an account yet, just fill in your first and last name, and choose a password.

A username will be automatically given to you. You can then change it in your profile settings (please check: How can I change my username?)


Facebook registration 

If you are registered to your Facebook account, you can just click on "Continue with Facebook", and you will be automatically signed in to KissKissBankBank. For additional information, please check: How can I register with Facebook?


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