What is Maison de Crowdfunding?

KissKissBankBank allows project creators to mobilize their communities online around their project.

Since 2016, we give the chance to these communities passionate about creativity to gather in real life, in the first Crowdfunding House in France. Maison de Crowdfunding is a place where project creators, contributors, followers and anyone interest to meet, exchange, debate, inspire one another and create together.

Our Crowdfunding House is also a showroom, located in the heart of Paris, open to independents, associations, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, or just curious people.


You are welcome to come alone, with friends, colleagues or family, to:

  • be supported and advised when launching your project
  • discover brands and creators funded on KissKissBankBank
  • take part in large variety of events 

Crowdfunding House, a house for all communities!

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