I submitted my project, how long will it take until its is validated?

When you click on "Submit for validation", our coach team receives it immediately.

A specialized coach will be assigned to you and will analyze your project. He or she will contact you in the next 48 hours (business days) to help you refine your crowdfunding campaign. 🗓

The time it will take to validate the project will depend of the maturity of your campaign page: did you give enough details? Did you add appropriate images to represent your project? Is your title catchy enough? 🤔

A campaign can be launched after 2 days, 3 weeks or even more, depending on the improvements you can make to it.

During the whole process, your coach remains at your disposal to help you make your page as convincing and representative of your project as possible. Don't hesitate to request their help. The more you follow their tips, the sooner your project page will be validated.

Find all our tips in the dedicated section of our blog (in French).


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