What happens if the project does not go as planned?

When a project is submitted on KissKissBankBank, our teams analyzes it and makes sure there is no problem with it.

Once the campaign is launched, the project creator is the only person responsible for everything that happens with the project. KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding intermediary. However, we are always there to help the project creators and give their tips for their funding as well as for their communication.

When the project creator is creating a project page, he or she should mention various elements, including:

  • The delivery date of the rewards
  • The provisional schedule for the project, so that the contributors understand how the project will grow.


If the funding goal is not reached

In this case, the campaign fails, and the project creator cannot receive the amount collected. The contributors will be given their full contributions back, directly on the bank account they used.


If the funding goal is reached

Theoretically, the project creator must respect some deadlines before the end of the campaign. However, it may happen that some projects are lagging behind. Do not forget that there is always a risk when a project is only on production or conception phase. We always advise project creators to stay in touch with their contributors and let them know about any potential delay. Thus, we favour and recommend transparent communication between creators and their contributors.

When in doubt, you can always get in touch with the project creator for additional information. You can also contact our customer support team who will also contact the project creator.

Nevertheless, projects creators remain the only people responsible for the campaign they are launching through KissKissBankBank intermediary. Therefore, when launching their project, they accept and to bear full responsibility towards risks regarding the development of the project, and any postponement or cancellation of the project.


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