What are 'News'?

News are essential during and after your crowdfunding campaign.

They are a way to boost the project while the campaign is running, and to stay in touch with your contributors after the campaign has ended.

When you post in the 'News' section of your project, your message is publicly visible on your project page. All contributors and all followers will be notified by email that you have published a 'News' item.


How can I publish a 'News' item on my page?

Click on the 'News' tab, at the top of your project page.

Choose a title, then fill in your content in the dedicated area. You can insert text, images, GIFs and / or a link to a video.


You can publish the 'News' item immediately, or save it to publish it later on.

👉🏼 If your project is translated into several languages, you may also publish 'News' in the different languages available.

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