Intellectual property and copyrights

Every person creating an artistic work (text, book, photography, video, drawing, music, etc.) is the owner of the property rights on those elements as long as the work is original; which means that you are at the origins of the creation of the artwork and that you did not "copied" the artwork of an other person.

The intellectual property allocates to the author (the creator) a protection against the counterfeits (copies, reproductions, distribution, broadcats, exploitation, non authorized modifications). This protection is due to the creator under the law of what we call copyrights.

The softwares (source codes and object, libraries, videogames) and databases also benefit from copyright protection.

⚠️ Beware : a concept or a non formalized idea does not benefit from this protection.

On KissKissBankBank, the project owner stay the owner of his copyright but authorize the platform to circulate his intellectual property elements being part of his project page.

However, you will need to pay attention that you are owner of the copyrights on the elements that you publish on your project page. If this is not the case, you have at your disposal the following solutions:

- obtain the cessation of copyrights from the creator of the element at issue (paid solution)

- obtain a production licence/ exploitation/ brodcasting from the creator (paid or free solution)

- obtain an authorization to use the free element at issue from the creator (free solution). In the hypothesis that you have broadcated on your project page the intellectual property elements belonging to a third party without authorization, we will be obligated to withdraw this element as soon as a request from the creator of the element, which would turn out to be justified.

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