I have trouble contributing to a project

Don't worry!

Payment issues happen frequently when buying through an online platform with a secure payment system. Unfortunately, most issues are independent from our platform.

Here are some options you may want to check if you have trouble paying on KissKissBankBank :

👉 Your bank does not support 3DSecure

👉 The 3DSecure code given by your bank was not entered correctly

👉 Your account balance is insufficient

👉 Your payment ceiling has been reached

👉 Your credit card is no longer valid

👉 Your bank did not authorize the transaction

👉 You are not using a browser such as Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari


Of course, it may happens that the issue comes from us. In this case, please write us and select "Je ne parviens pas à contribuer". Don't forget to include:

  • The link of the page on which you had a trouble (you may also attach a screenshot of the page)
  • The error message that appeared on the page

You can also join our customer support team at +33 1 45 23 85 81, so we can try to solve the issue together.


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