How can I use internal messaging?

Messages sent through our internal messaging service are private and only visible by the person(s) you are sending them to. 

You can contact your KissBankers individually or collectively. To do this, just click on your profile picture or username, go to "My projects" and select the "KissBankers" tab.


I want to write to all my contributors 

Once you clicked on the "KissBankers" tab, click on "Contact all". Write your message and click on "Submit" to sent it!

I want to write to one or several specific contributor(s)

Once you clicked on the "KissBankers" tab, you may use filters (date, rewards, status and delivery method) to sort contributors. You can select the contributors you want to write to by ticking the box left to their names. Once you have selected them, click on "Contact X pledge" on top of the page. Write it, send it, and that's it!



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